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About Audiofly

Audiofly is about our love of music  and the relationship we have with  music through equipment.

Since 2012 Audiofly has been designing  pro-musician stage and recording  headphones with multi-driver technology  and a uniquely rich soundstage, right  here in Australia!

Because musicians shouldn’t be the only  ones enjoying their passion, we’ve crafted  a range of headphones harnessing this  same technology and soundstage… all so  the every-day music lover never has to  miss a beat.

About Audiofly Products



Don't let its entry-level status fool you, the AF33's engineered sound-port, finely tuned 9mm dynamic driver and dual-moulded outer housing design influenced by vintage guitar knobs makes it a very impressive go-to for your everyday headphone user.

Its three button control system ('C' for control) allows for control of important phone calls and song choices, with access to volume meaning you can leave your very intelligent smart device in your pocket! 



Meet the unofficial 'middle child' of the Audiofly family. It gets everything. 

Not only does the AF45C feature our Cordura® fabric braided cable, its three button 'C' controller provides functions for days. This product packs a beautifully tuned 11mm dynamic driver in a compact housing with classic chrome detailings inspired by microphones of years gone by. 



Some people prefer jeans with a percentage of lycra for comfort. This has nothing to do with headphones, but with its angled soundport the AF56 is one of our most comfortable headphones.

Featuring our largest, a 13mm driver, its impressive reproduction of the sound spectrum sings all the way from clear highs, to its big-bootied bass (here’s where the lycra comes in).Control your music with the remote button and make clear voice calls with its separated microphone (‘M’ for Mic).



Inside the tiny shell of our AF78 we’re hiding a 9mm dynamic driver AND a balanced armature driver so you can have the best of both worlds!

Dynamic drivers are what you’d find in a standard headphone, and are able to produce beautiful warmth and low to mid frequencies. Balanced armature drivers are traditionally found in hearing aids for their size and precision, but we like them for their clarity. These drivers paired are an unstoppable duo, sharing the load of frequencies and delivering warm lows with beautifully clear highs. Also featuring a microphone and button this product is well suited to the discerning everyday headphone user.



Think of your favorite worn-in band t-shirt, the one full of holes, the one you refuse to throw out because it's so freakin' comfy ...

When it comes to prized possessions, we understand it's all about the fit and feel. Enter the AF240: Designed with care-free comfort and studio sound in mind. With their self-adjusting headband these headphones will pull their pretty-little-selves into place, theres no need to awkwardly adjust them every time. 



A crowd-pleaser with astonishing clarity and range, the AF56W boasts a huge 13mm dynamic driver packed into a sleek and light-weight body. We’re talking crystal clear details backed by the smoothest, deepest bass to really get you into the groove.

With hassle-free wireless Bluetooth® technology and an evenly balanced design, the AF56W is built for life on the go.



The AF100W comes from pro-grade stock, built for performance. Combining a thumping dual membrane micro driver, wireless Bluetooth® tech and a secure housing designed for comfort, this game-changer is made for those on the move. With rich studio-quality sound and a lightweight, sweat-resistant design, the AF100W works as hard as you do.