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About Case-Mate

Uniquely designed for the well-styled individual.

Case-Mate began in 2006 with a simple desire - to craft accessories that are ingrained with individuality, purpose, quality and style. For those who know who they are, who crave something more, something extraordinary...

About Case-Mate Products


For the distinctly well-styled individual, Case-Mates purpose is to design fashionable accessories with looks meticulously engineered, elegantly finished, and made from stylish materials that have long been established as the highest standard in quality and appearance.

Design & Craftmanship

Case-Mate are craftsmen. They are a celebration of the union between detailed refinement and timeless fashion.

Case-Mate's passion for fine detail fuels their imagination, powers their creativity, and defines their approach to product design and manufacture..

Classically Styled

Case-Mate inspire through the visual. At Case-Mate each of their products is designed to enhance the personality of the individual through a collaboration between our international team of fashion designers, graphic artists, and industrial designers, to turn classic fashion looks into modern mobile device accessories.

Crafted, not made

Case-Mate uniquely craft their products from some of the world's most sophisticated materials.

Their selective approach to identifying and sourcing beautiful substrates with superior accents, patterns, colours and textures result in products that are timeless in quality and worthy of admiration.

Meticulously finished

Case-Mate are experts at mastering the subtle manufacturing techniques that bring a crafted product to a state of design perfection. Their dedication to finishing details provide a refinement and polish to their products that compliment the thoughtful attention to detail that characterises the nature of the well-styled individual.