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We want to build a strong and growing distribution business, which companies love to partner with and where people love to work
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Force Vision and Values


Our Vision

We’re passionate about the industry and the brands and companies we partner with. It is our vision to build a strong and growing distribution business, which companies love to partner with and where people love to work. Our determination to “Think Forward” in all that we do, and our invitation to our partners to do the same, helps us keep this vision firmly in our sights every day.

Our Values | The foundations of our brand

To make certain that we deliver on the promise of our offer to the market, and measurably contribute to our partners’ long-term success, we have thought long and hard about the values that should underpin everything we do. It turns out that they are the same values that we have been living by all along, and when you choose to deal with Force you get to experience them first-hand. They are people, innovation, performance, execution and fun and they form the foundation of the Force corporate brand. Whilst we might slip up every now and then, we are committed to these values and we talk openly about their importance to us on a daily basis, as they underpin what we are aspiring to achieve.



You’ll find our value for people evident in the way we treat you and in the way we work as a team to build long term benefit.

To us, that means:

We support each other • we communicate well • we treat others with respect • we help make Force a fun place to work • we are always ready to lend a hand • we build relationships • we are collaborative • we contribute to the team • we are aware of our own strengths and weaknesses • we motivate others.

For our partners, that means:

You know us • you like us • you can trust us • we are your friend • you get to deal with a single person most of the time • we regard you as more than just a business transaction • you can approach us about anything.


Our commitment to innovation is manifested in the new products we bring to market and the processes we develop to improve our own business and the services that we offer to you.

To us, innovation means: 

We always look for ways to improve • we think outside the square • we nurture new ideas • we challenge the status quo in a manner that creates value • we conceptualise and implement improved processes • we view problems with a creative and open mind • we adjust well to change.

For our partners, innovation means:

You can count on us to lead the way • you receive higher margin opportunities • you’re first to hear about new ideas • we surprise you • you’re curious to see what we’ll do next • you can rely on us for accurate interpretation of data and market trends • you find dealing with us exciting and rewarding.


Our value for People and Innovation is a key factor of our ability to achieve great performance, both by our own measures, and by yours. After all, in the end it is performance that determines success.

To us, performance means:

We work efficiently • we are results oriented • we get the job done • we meet deadlines • we produce positive outcomes • we are reliable • we prioritise important tasks first • we see the bigger picture • we contribute to making ourselves and our partners better • we produce a high standard of work.

For our partners, performance means:

Your expectations are exceeded • you can rely on us to deliver consistently great service • you regularly feel as though you’ve been under-promised and over-delivered • you win more often • you get results • you are confident about our integrity.


Along with performance, we recognise the importance of execution—getting things done and delivering on what we promise.

To us, execution means:

We’re productive • we implement and carry out our business plans • we deliver on what we promise • our actions speak louder than words • we’re focused and engaged to deliver a positive outcome • we’re results driven • we effect change • we see projects through to the end.

To our partners, execution means:

You can rely on us to deliver what we promise • you’ll see results • you can count on us to contribute to your business goals • we always follow-up with you • you are confident of our ability and performance • you enjoy working with us because we get things done.


And finally, because we recognise that we needn’t be too serious about all this, we’re intent on injecting every day with a healthy dose of fun.

To us, fun means:

We enjoy what we do • we don’t take ourselves too seriously • we can see the funny side • we maintain our objectivity • we don’t take criticism personally • we like to have a good time • we’re great to deal with.

For our partners, fun means:

You can have a laugh with us • you can tell us what you really think • you enjoy spending time with us • you look forward to hearing from us • we make you laugh • you prefer to deal with us • you can tell we like dealing with you.