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Environmental Policy


We see responsible environmental management as an important part of achieving our key goal of growing the value of our business.

We strive to achieve best practice in all our activities and will seek to minimise any adverse environmental effects through our commitment to continuous improvement and setting, maintaining and reviewing an environmental policy.

We aim to minimise and reduce our impact on the environment while at the same time minimising costs of materials and packaging used.

With our environmental policy, we aim to:

  • Operate our business in accordance with environmental laws and guidelines.
  • Maintain systems to assist the management of our environmental responsibilities, including continual updating and reviewing of our policies, practices and procedures to match new legislation, technology and business requirements.
  • Set clear targets for continuous improvement and monitor these targets for achievement.
  • Prevent pollution, waste and where possible, commit to recovery, recycling and managing energy.
  • Work with our supply chain to improve our combined environmental performance, through more efficient use of resources and minimising the impacts from packaging and transportation, ensuring that our suppliers meet the same standards Force has set for itself.
  • Implement ongoing training for all employees to adopt sound environmental work practices.

Force’s commitment to Carbon Neutral

Since 2007, Force has been a supporter of Carbon Neutral and have committed to helping the environment. Our contributions to Carbon Neutral support the Plant-a-Tree Program and have resulted in hundreds of thousands trees being planted which, over their lifetime, will remove hundreds of tonnes of CO2-e from the atmosphere.  Force has continued this association with Carbon Neutral, through its EFM brand, as part of the 'EFM Cares' program.

About Carbon Neutral


Carbon Neutral was formed in 2001 as a way to help community and industry take responsibility for the effects of greenhouse gas emissions on the environment.  As part of this program Carbon Neutral have planted over 29.5 million trees in some of the most environmentally vulnerable areas of Australia. The program offers organisations – large and small the opportunity to offset the carbon dioxide produced by their daily activities.

How does Force support Carbon Neutral?

With every Force power product purchased, Force will contribute to the Carbon Neutral program. The contribution will go towards planting trees, which will help to reduce carbon emissions.

Since the commencement of our participation in the Carbon Neutral Plant-a-Tree Program, we’ve contributed funds that has resulted in over 29,209 trees being planted to offset carbon emissions.

For more information about Carbon Neutral visit www.carbonneutral.com.au.