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Our goal is that those who prosper in this industry will look back and feel glad that they chose Force as a partner in their journey, and as a partner in their success
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About Force

Force is Australia’s leading wholesaler of mobile lifestyle products

We’ve been supplying mobile phone accessories and peripherals to resellers throughout Australia and New Zealand since 1992.  During this time, the mobile phone has evolved into a device that can do so much more than just make and receive calls.

Concurrently, completely new devices have emerged that—along with mobile phones—belong to an innovative market that requires a broad new definition: portable personal technology.  In recognition of this, we define our core business as being the distribution and management of a range of leading and emerging brands across different segments of the mobile lifestyle products market.

Where it all began

Force commenced operations in 1992 when Michael Doust and Jake Minear identified the opportunity to distribute accessories for the emerging mobile communications market in Australia.  Since then, the company has won contracts to distribute many of the world’s best-known Telco products and has established strong partnerships with major retail channels in our market.  Today, Force employs a team of over 50 people across five states and services over 4,000 resellers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Our Offer to You: “Think Forward” and choose Force.  We think you’ll be glad you did

At Force, our team has always been focused on the long term.  In this industry long term aspirations will be realised by those with the ability to partner with others and make decisions with an eye to the future.  At Force, we look to build relationships based on mutual success and longevity.

We will ensure this is true for all who deal with us; suppliers, resellers, consumers and employees alike.  Amongst ourselves we encapsulate this sentiment with the phrase “Think Forward”, meaning that we make decisions today based on the long-term results for ourselves and our partners. We invite you to do the same.