The world is full of “rugged” audio devices that don’t live up to the demands of actual outdoors. BRAVEN produts aren’t off the shelf from China, they’re off the cliffs of the rockies—tested in the rugged terrain.

Toughest, Most Talented Audio on the Planet


Audio geniuses by profession, outdoor adventurists by passion:

BRAVEN creates high-end sound that can go anywhere, empowering people to bravely explore the great outdoors
and pushing beyond personal limits.

As Rugged As You Are

Crafted to be as rugged as you are, BRAVEN Bluetooth® speakers are 100% waterproof and shockproof so they can withstand tumbles, dunks in lakes, or the occasional beer spill.

Rocky Mountain Tested

BRAVEN products are field-tested in the Rocky Mountains and intensify every outdoor experience from biking down mountains to jumping into a lake after a trail run.