About Adidas

One of the world's leading sporting brands, Adidas has been designing, developing and manufacturing cases for tablets, smartphones and laptops.

By using refined materials, colours and technologies these designs draw inspiration from the Adidas apparel and footwear collections to provide your mobile, tablet or laptop with reliable protection, on or off the field.

Adidas is the original sports brand.


Whether it's on the field, on the court, or on the street, creativity is their inspiration.

Right at that border of sport and creativity we constantly strive to come up with the next innovation and original product to make athletes better. But we are not doing all that behind closed doors. We are opening our company up for endless opportunities and creativity, calling all creators and inviting them to take part, to explore new territories and to co-create the future of sport with us.


In 2001, Adidas introduced Originals – a lifestyle brand marked by the iconic Trefoil logo that draws inspiration from Adidas’ rich archives and legacy. Combining contemporary youth culture with the kind of creativity and courage found on courts and in sporting arenas, Originals strives to forever remain innovative and authentic. Led by those that continue to shape and define creative culture, Adidas Originals lights the way as the pioneering sportswear brand for the street.


Adidas Core exists to enable anyone to harness the power of sport in their game, in their lives and in their world – anyone, anywhere, always. We are calling it accessible sportswear for all since it is deeply rooted in the Adidas core belief that through sport we have the power to change lives.