What Force Do

What Force Do

Our Mission

We have a single mission – to add value. Because we know if we don’t, someone else will. From day one, we set out to do things better. When Force was established over 25 years ago, our vision was to be recognised as a leader in mobile lifestyle brand products. We’ve done that by ensuring we partner with only the best manufacturers and brands across the globe, to offer products that are cutting edge and excellent value. Our aim is to continue growing, while ensuring we remain a market-leading organisation that businesses love to partner with and where people love to work.

Our sales team

It’s never been our expectation to get or keep business without earning it. We know that we need to show up in person and regularly add value to keep our customers happy. Our field sales team is made up of long-term industry experts who regularly undergo training to keep abreast of new technology and products. With our extensive knowledge and expertise we can help our customers with bespoke services, such as staff training, customised packaging and branding, planogramming and in-depth sale and inventory analysis. With these services we can help our customers optimise stock turns, profit per square metre and return on investment.

Private Label Programmes

For customers who want to develop their own line of products, we offer bespoke private label programmes. These turnkey packages include services such as customised sourcing and product development, brand development, packaging and point of sale assets. We can provide a complete supply chain solution to help maximise sales in the most unique and competitive ways.

A portal to business

Technology is only meaningful when it’s intuitive. That’s why we’re obsessive when it comes to user experience. We’ve invested heavily in our business-to-business online portal, so you won’t need a manual to figure it out. As a Force customer, you’ll have access to a 24/7 window into our extensive product range and service offering. This online tool provides optimal search functionality and easy ordering and makes the business of doing business a lot easier and much more enjoyable. To us, that’s the most meaningful measure of all.

World-class distribution

When we embarked on designing our headquarters, the brief to the developers was clear. The facility had to be market leading in its physical assets and distribution technology. Today, Force’s distribution centre has been recognised as a truly world class enterprise hub with the power to enable a technologically advanced supply chain. That means our suppliers and retail partners can have complete confidence in our ability to successfully distribute and deliver products on time, every time.

Maximising your margins

At Force, we’re obsessive about bringing you the best brands, with the best opportunities to maximise margins. Our products must be world-class. Our margins must drive opportunity and growth. Our supply chain must be seamless. And fast. We revel in the challenge of adding value every day. We’d like to think we always get it right, but we’re always learning. Our promise is to learn as quickly as possible and to never stop improving and enhancing the commercial outcomes for all.

Adding value

One way we add value is by being a full service supplier. We’re always looking for innovative solutions to enhance our total product offering. All our brand partnerships must pass a rigorous test on value. We also ensure our network of products and brands, when combined, form a genuinely market leading proposition. We’ve been long-term subscribers of market research and trend analytics services as part of our commitment to providing our customers with cutting-edge expertise and advice. We also regularly attend global showcase events. We do this so we can present you with tomorrow’s marketing opportunities, today.