About Force

About Force

Delivering tomorrow’s mobile lifestyle accessories, today.

The mobile phone has changed the world in ways that few technologies have. Its impact is on the same scale as the industrial revolution. Smartphones have connected the world in unprecedented ways and affected, improved and enhanced almost every industry. In Australia, the market has grown to over 20 million mobile subscribers today and we remain at the forefront in the mobile accessory space. Through every distribution channel, we drive outcomes and opportunities as relentlessly as ever, to offer value and consumer delight.

Then and now

In 1992, Michael Doust and Jake Minear decided to do things differently. They recognised that accessories were a poorly understood component of the mobile phone market. For them, accessories unlocked the full potential of this new technology. So they established Force. Since then we’ve been constantly innovating, challenging the status quo, developing our own bespoke products and searching the globe for tomorrow’s technology. Now we offer more choice, more return and more value than ever before.


At Force, our team has always been focused on the long term.  In this industry long term aspirations will be realised by those with the ability to partner with others and make decisions with an eye to the future.  At Force, we look to build relationships based on mutual success and longevity.

We will ensure this is true for all who deal with us; suppliers, resellers, consumers and employees alike.  Amongst ourselves we encapsulate this sentiment with the phrase “Think Forward”, meaning that we make decisions today based on the long-term results for ourselves and our partners. We invite you to do the same.

Get in touch

If you need to get in touch, we have real people ready to talk to you Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm (EST), or if you email us, we’ll reply as soon as we can.